Sandrine Deumier

Medium: 360 Video and Animation
Issues: Feminism, Narratives, and Poetry


Falling is the study of a collapse. A 360 video, it proposes to build new narratives from the revival of animist thoughts. Consisting of nine ‘collapsology’ scenes created from Internet culture imaginaries, this artwork tries to interrogate a possible dismantling of the human practices of nature subjection and species classification through a search of eco-feminist postures. The project is based on the power of utopian and feminist anticipations, and the idea of short-circuiting collective imaginations from the Internet to develop new utopias and invent sustainable imaginations. The work was supported by Casa de Velázquez | Hangar.org | Institut Français Barcelona.


Sandrine Deumier is a French artist working in the field of performance, poetry, and video art whose work investigates post-futurist themes through the development of aesthetic forms related to digital imaginaries. With her dual philosophical and artistic training, she has constructed a multifaceted poetic style focused on the issue of technological change and the performative place of poetry conceived through new technologies. Using material from the word as image and the image as word vector, she also works at the junction of video and sound poetry, considering them as sensitive devices to express a form of unconscious material itself. The process of writing and the mobile material of the image function as underlying meanings of reflux which refer to her real installations and audiovisual performances in collaboration with composers. Her work has been shown internationally in numerous festivals and exhibitions. Deumier holds a master’s degree in philosophy (2000) from the Toulouse II University, France; and DNAP from the National Institute of Fine Arts, Tarbes, France (2004). She is a member of Collectif Jeune Cinéma, and she lives and works in Toulouse.