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Ariana Cano

Medium: Instagram, Text, and Video
Issues: Chicana Femnism, Intersectional Identity, Race, and Social Justice

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@Conscious_ Dialectic is an Instagram account particularly based in the Inland Empire. It was created by a Chicanx (a Mexican/American/Indigenous womxn) who seeks to advocate for political and social justice for people with intersecting identities specializing in Chicanx,  Latinx, and Indigenous’ self-presentation on social media sites and their intersecting identity of race, gender, class, ethnicity, and sex. The social media account is based on the notion that consciousness is raised through dialogue. It incorporates perspectives from Paulo Freire, Victoria Santa Cruz, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, and Audre Lorde. It includes posts that focus on understanding those who are marginalized through communication and why their marginalization came about. It takes on a Chicana Feminist perspective, critically analyzing social structures and empowering individuals.

The purpose of this social media account is to advocate, particularly, for womxn of color. It includes videos, text, audio, art, from individuals who seek to promote Woke Consciousness. @Conscious_ Dialectic seeks to promote social media activism and digital power through communication. The goal of Digital Power is to showcase digital work by women who emphasize gender neutrality, female identity, representation, and intersectionality. This account is for people with intersectional identities; it is made by a Mexican American (Chicana), queer, first-generation, lower-middle-class woman who understands the struggle.


Ariana Cano is a Chicana feminist, scholar, educator, and activist. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Rialto, California. She graduated from California State University San Bernardino with an MA in Communication Studies (2018) and was the Outstanding Graduate Student and Graduate Teaching Associate in her department. She earned the HACU Student Track Scholarship, the Chicana Caucus Student Scholarship, and was competitively selected as the student representative of the College of Arts and Letters at the 32nd Annual CSU Student Research Competition. Ariana was also awarded the Emerging Scholar Award in the Third International Conference on Communication and Media Studies and received full funding from SBVC to present at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE). Ariana’s research presentations analyze how Indigenous, Latinx, and/or Chicanx self-presentations on social media sites challenge mainstream media stereotypical tropes. Her research provides the foundation for her posts on social media. She enjoys updating her Instagram account where she posts Chicana Feminist ideas as @DiálogoConsciente. Many of her artistic works (poems, posters) are inspired from her account. She continues to serve her community through her account, as a Board Member for the CSUSB Faculty/Staff Alumni Chapter, a Group Facilitator for the CPP Womxn’s Leadership Institute, and an Inland Empire Public Speaker. “Too Broke to Be Woke?”, “Somos Hijos y Hijas De La Chingada!”, “I Have a Name” and “The American Educational Prison” are some of Ariana’s works which have been submitted to and are under review by Cafe Con Libros Press in their first poetry anthology.