Poliana Baumgarten

Medium: Video
Issues: Identity, Performance, Poetry, Public Space, and Transgender


Moxn (pronounced Moon) is a surrealistic art film about the transformation of body, identity and gender. The title refers to the spelling of WOMXN that is a more inclusive, progressive term that sheds light on prejudice and discrimination and institutional barriers womxn face but also includes Trans women and women of color. The video features performances by Candice Nembhard and Janay Stephenson, and the spoken words are the poem “Moxn” written by Azadê Pesmen.


Poliana Baumgarten is a Berlin-based video journalist and cinematographer whose work primarily depicts the diasporic realities and experiences of marginalized people. Her first documentary series ‘Berliner Farben’ portrayed people of color and members of the LBGTIQ community. The series’ nine episodes broke stereotypes and created a space for the representation of individual realities. In collaboration with the British Council, Deutsche Welle TV, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, and most recently Vogue.de, Baumgarten has produced video series and films in which non-white people have been brought to the foreground. Since June 2018, she has been a full-time video journalist for the publisher Zeit Verlag’s online magazine Ze.tt. Her documentary film ‘preta’, a collage of the experiences of black women from Northern Brazil, was released in November 2018.